Suspending Road Tax

Suspending Road Tax

When and how can I stop the road tax?

For a motor vehicle (passenger car, van, truck, bus or motorcycle) that is in your name, you have to pay tax. This is called a motor vehicle or road tax. If you do not intend to use your motor vehicle for a longer period of time, you can suspend the road tax. In this article, you read how to do it.

Suspending Road Tax

Why stop road taxes?

It may be that you have the car in the garage for long-term repair. Or that you have an old-timer that you no longer use to drive, but that you keep as a collector’s item. Even if you never use your car (anymore) on public roads, the vehicle remains subject to insurance and also the road tax and APK obligation must be met. But if you choose to suspend the registration number, you no longer have to ensure the vehicle and the road tax and MOT duty will also be canceled. That is smart because it saves you a lot of unnecessary costs.

Stopping road taxes and suspending vehicle registration

Suspending road tax is only possible if you request a suspension of the validity of the registration certificate. You can do this at the larger post offices or online on the website of the RDW. Suspending a registration certificate does entail costs.

If the suspension is successful, you no longer have to comply with the APK obligation, the road tax and liability insurance for your car insurance. You will then no longer receive an invoice from the tax authorities for the road tax. You are also no longer obliged to ensure the vehicle WA and have APK inspected. You will then avoid any penalties for non-compliance with these obligations.

Suspension of road tax conditions

The most important condition for road tax suspension is that during the period that the validity of your license plate is suspended, you do not use the vehicle on public roads. This applies to both the Netherlands and abroad. The vehicle may also not be parked on or along the public road for suspending the road tax.

Remove car from suspension

The suspension of the license plate of your motor vehicle will automatically expire after twelve months. If you want to end the suspension earlier, you can do it yourself. You can go back to the larger post offices or online at the RDW. If you end the suspension within one month of the start of the suspension, you must still pay road tax for the period that the license plate was suspended. You will receive an additional tax assessment from the tax authorities. If you end the suspension later or if the suspension automatically expires after 12 months, you will automatically receive an invoice for the road tax. You pay it in the same way as before the suspension.

Suspending road tax and APK

A vehicle for which the license plate is suspended does not have to comply with the APK obligation. But as soon as the suspension expires you have to do all the obligations again, including the APK duty. Make sure that the vehicle is MOT-approved again at the end of the suspension period. If you have the vehicle inspected while it is still suspended, you may use the public road to go to the place of the inspection. It is important that your car is insured that day with a minimum of WA coverage.

If you are checked on the day of the inspection, you will receive a tax assessment for motor vehicle tax from the tax authorities. You can then demonstrate in writing that you have had the vehicle inspected that day. You will then no longer receive an additional tax assessment. If you want to prevent a pre-announcement of the additional assessment from being received after checking, you can inform the Belastingtelefoon Auto beforehand on which day and at which inspection station or garage the car will be inspected. Any control does not have any further consequences for you.

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