About Us

We are Automotive information providers

All automotive knowledge of the Netherlands together under one roof. To make a fist against the threats of tomorrow. To be able to cope with the competition. Be ready for new techniques. Be ready for the new customer. Automotive Academy is not only about training. Automotive Academy is about a full bridge. Never sell ‘no’ again. No more traffic from the garage. Automotive Academy is about hooking up, keeping up and switching up. Independent is not alone.

Training for a full bridge. The fulfillment of this promise requires more than just filling classrooms. At Automotive Academy, training is only the entrance. The prelude to an institute that is available 24/7 for the garage owner. The only point of contact with the best training in automotive technology, but also in garage management, safety and sales. With the best telephone helpdesk, unique remote assistance and practical diagnostic assistance at our location in Amsterdam. With programs, products, services and tools for more efficiency. For grip on the case. Always. Ready for the new customer.