Winter Holiday With a Camper

Winter Holiday With a Camper

Yes, it is possible to drive a camper during the winter. And yes, it is possible to sleep in this when the temperature drops below freezing. In our blog, we want to show you that driving a camper in the winter can be fun and beneficial for your wallet. So fasten your belt and enjoy the ride along our tips for a winter trip with a camper. See what another midwinter can completely transform a landscape. It turns into a completely different world when it is covered by snow. Drive your camper to a forest for a magical walk.

Winter Holiday With a Camper

The shimmering snow-covered trees and the silence of the forest let you dream away for a moment and you will completely relax. Enjoy the wonderful winter nature and fully recharge your inner battery. Despite the fact that the light is shorter during the winter in Norway and Finland, seeing the Northern Lights is a good thing.

The Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) is best seen when you go to the northernmost part in Scandinavia. Remove as far away from the city lights as possible with your motorhome and admire the magic of the Northern Lights. Enjoy winter sports with the arrival of winter, various snow activities are possible. Take advantage of the abundance of snow sports and make the most of your holiday. With the help of your camper, you can easily drive from one ski slope to another.

You also have sufficient space available for all your winter sports equipment. Many ski areas have a campsite. This is best checked for the destination you have chosen so that you can stay close to the slopes in nature. The most popular winter destinations in Europe are southern France, southern Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and northern Italy. These countries offer great winter sports facilities and have beautiful and well-maintained ski areas. Fewer people & amp; lower camping prices during the winter months it is less crowded on the roads so you have less time behind the wheel to spend. As a result, you have much less stress and you can relax better.

Prices are also often lower during this period, which also saves you money. Look in advance at which campsites are open and which have good facilities. It is often not possible to use the toilet or shower in your RV at temperatures below freezing. The frozen water can damage the motorhome and this is not covered by the insurance. Control your motorhome in winter Driving in winter should not be at the expense of your holiday pleasure. Driving safely in the winter requires that you adapt to the conditions and comply with local traffic regulations keeps.

Please check carefully in advance how the weather conditions are and what the traffic rules are for your destination. This way you avoid unnecessary stress and you feel more confident on the road. Below are some tips to safely drive your motorhome in the winter: – Driving in the dark is tiring than normal. Therefore rest well before you start your journey and occasionally change drivers. Estimating distances is more difficult in the dark than during the day so stay at a safe distance from your vehicle in front. Certainly, in the snow or rain, this is of course sensible.

When driving over snow-covered roads, clouds of powder snow arise, which greatly reduces visibility and prevents your other traffic from coming into view. Reduce your speed and pay attention to the sides of the road. This prevents you from unknowingly ending up on the wrong side of the road.- During the twilight, you should pay attention to wild animals such as deer. These are extra active during these times.

Prepare for & amp; stay warm The campers are well equipped with special insulation and powerful gas heaters that keep you well warm during the day and night. You, therefore, do not have to worry about getting cold. They are also often equipped with electric heaters, so make sure you take a campsite with sufficient power supplies.

Ask the landlord to check whether your motorhome is suitable for the winter or has winter tires and whether snow chains can be used. The landlord will give you advice on how the camper can be used safely and stays warm. They also answer your questions if you need additional information. Do not forget to bring enough warm clothes. Fine winter holiday with your camper!

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