The Most Expensive Faults of a Car

The Most Expensive Faults of a Car

Today in Recambios Mostoles, a car spare parts company in Madrid, we tell you about the faults that currently cost more money to repair in a tourism.
As a car spare parts company in Madrid, we are used to seeing and providing support for any kind of damage in a vehicle. We have a large stock of spare parts for cars so that your trustworthy workshop can always offer solutions to any type of problem.

It is true that there are some breakdowns that are more expensive than others, both in the volume of work and in the price to be paid. Then we tell you what are the most expensive pieces to fix a normal tourism.

The Most Expensive Faults of a Car

The most expensive faults of a car

The price of the parts of the cars will depend on the brand and the model that is tourism:

Cylinder head: it is one of the central elements of the engine, therefore, it is one of the most important parts of the car and therefore, one of the most expensive. To break down is one of the repairs that more time of labor entails, the cost can exceed 3,000 euros.

Timing belt: the cost of this fault will vary from the engine that your car has. In this way, depending on the model of the vehicle, the repair of the belt can reach 3,000 euros.

Gearbox: without a doubt, the most expensive breakdown of all (between 4,500 and 7,500 euros). Both parts and labor are very expensive since the mechanic will take about ten hours to repair the gearbox depending on whether it was manual or automatic.

Diesel injectors or gasoline: on this occasion, the duration of labor is not the problem. These parts are very expensive since they are responsible for supplying the exact amount of gas at the right and necessary moment. That is to say, it is one of the pieces that more precision offer in the car and for that reason, its price does not lower of the 800 euros.

Fuel pump: as you can see, all fuel related faults are expensive. There are many reasons why it can be ruined, among them, the morning quality of the fuel, excess water in the fuel, metal chips that produce friction, failures in the electrical system, etc. The repair bill starts at 60 euros, in addition to adding the hours used to change the pump.

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In short, to avoid breakdowns, in addition to making proper use of our vehicle, it is essential to make the relevant technical revisions to keep it in good shape. Even so, there are faults that, for one reason or another, end up appearing and being inevitable, for these cases a car spare parts company in Madrid , we have the best spare parts for any model and brand, as well as a network of specialized workshops that ensure success in each repair and an unmatched guarantee.

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