Ten Tips to Save on Your Rental Car

Ten Tips to Save on Your Rental Car

1. Take into account the collection and return times

Have you heard of the 24-hour rule? If you hand in the car an hour late, that may cost you an extra day car rental. So make sure that you take into account your desired collection and return times when planning your trip.

Ten Tips to Save on Your Rental Car

2. Look a bit further than the airport

When you land at the airport, you want to get into your rental car without any hassle and enjoy your holiday. Yet you can sometimes save a lot with a short, extra ride in a shuttle bus. Some landlords do not have an expensive office at the airport, but are located within a few kilometers and therefore work with an alternative shuttle service. With ten minutes extra, in many cases you have more budget to spend on your vacation.

3. Reserve on time

As with air tickets, the prices of rental cars increase as your holiday period comes closer. As soon as a large part of the landlord’s offer is reserved, the rental prices go up. Certainly if you have a preference for a certain type of car, budget or nice gadgets, the later it becomes more difficult to fulfill your wishes. So reserve on time.

4. Book a second driver in advance

Adding a second driver to your rental contract on the spot can sometimes be more expensive than if you arrange this in advance. So book your extra driver at home. Sometimes a second driver is included in the price, but remember that it must always sign the rental contract to be insured.

5. Think of one way costs

If you want to make a road trip, it may be useful to hand in your rental car at a location other than where you picked it up. Often you pay extra costs for that, but they vary quite a bit. Sometimes it is even the case that a cheap car has higher one-way costs than a more expensive one. So be sure to check what suits you best.

6. Tune your car on the route

Depending on your route, a larger car is sometimes cheaper than a smaller one. In the mountains, a powerful engine ensures that you drive a lot more economically and that at the end of your road trip you have paid less gasoline but have driven into a larger car.

7. Take your own GPS

For a long time renting a GPS can be quite expensive, but a navigation system is of course indispensable when traveling. Just take your own GPS with you or download one of the many navigation apps on your smartphone. Also think about your charger.

8. Choose a favorable tank control

Some car rental companies choose to have customers pay extra for a refueling after the rental period. The service costs ensure that this arrangement is often more expensive for tenants. A full-paid or full-full scheme is then a better option, where you get the car with a full tank and also return it. In other words, do not forget to check which tank regulation applies.

9. Check the deposit and rental conditions in advance

In many cases the guarantee of a rental car increases considerably. When that deposit is blocked on your credit card, it can sometimes be swallowed. Compare the rental conditions of different cars that interest you.

10. Measure damage

In order to avoid discussions and fines for damage afterwards, you can take photos of the car in advance when collecting and where it has already suffered damage. Let the rental office record that damage and also sign it, so that no discussion is possible afterwards.

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