Spotrepair Auto? Local Repainting of Minor Damage

Spotrepair Auto? Local Repainting of Minor Damage

Spot repair is a repair that is being performed more and more often. You are proud of your car and you also like to see it in the paint. A scratch, dent or grit on the bumper or body is like a thorn in the eye. You would rather lose this paint damage than rich.

With spot repairs, your car is like new again in no time! Spot repair is gaining more and more popularity. It is a lot faster and cheaper than traditional damage repair. With spot repairs, only the ‘spot’ where the damage is located will be restored to your car; the complete refinishing of a part is therefore no longer necessary. A spot repair can be done at home, on location or in a garage.

How does spot repairs work

Costs are spot repair

The price you pay for sports repairs depends entirely on the severity of the damage. Something that is certain: spot repair is a lot cheaper than traditional damage repair. In this case, only the damaged spot is taken care of, so that it is no longer necessary to spray a whole part of the car over. Usually, the costs of local replenishment depend on the size of the damage, the location and the severity of the damage. An expert looks at the damage and determines what exactly is needed to repair the damage with spot repair.

  • Did you only get a scratch? This damage can be repaired relatively quickly and easily with spot repairs.
  • Is there a dent or a tear? Then it may be that the damage also
    needs to be peeled out and pumped.
  • Is the body, bumper or other parts of the car damaged? The location of the damage also affects the costs of the spot repairs.

An expert accurately identifies what is needed to repair the damage with spot repairs. The various factors are taken into account and considered and a quotation is drawn up.

Is more work needed to repair the damage? No problem. The price is fixed; This way you will not face any unpleasant surprises. After the spot repair, your car is back in paint!

How do spot repairs work?

As the name might suggest, the spot-repair approach involves repairing damage to a certain ‘spot’. The point where the damage is located is only taken care of, so it is not necessary to spray entire car parts. This way of repairing is effective, fast and a lot cheaper than traditional damage repair.

The damage to the bumper or body is repaired, cleaned, pumped and polished. It may be that over the years the paint of your car has got a different shade or intensity. For this reason, the part of the car – or the entire car – is often repainted.

With spot repairs, unnecessary refinishing is a thing of the past. The color of the paint is precisely measured with special measuring equipment. The paint is mixed with the same precision, after which it is used to spray the relevant ‘spot’. Unfavorable color differences are thus prevented. After the damage to the bumper or body has been repaired, peeled, pumped and polished, the -, especially for you, mixed – paint is applied professionally. The paint is quick-drying, so before you know it you are ‘ready to go!’ With spot repairs, the damage is easily and quickly restored, without having any color differences.

Repaired with spot repairs in 6 steps

1. Report the damage online or via the app with

2. Once the nature and severity of the damage have been properly identified, you will receive a quote with a clear and fixed price.

3. Depending on the damage the damage repairer at home will perform the spot repair or your car will be taken away. Of course, the damage repairer leaves substitute transport in the latter case.

4. The scratch or dent is peeled out, fumigated and polished

5. The exact color of the paint is measured, after which it is specially mixed for you.

6. The lacquer is applied professionally on the spot, after which it is dried.

7. Your car is as new again and is tightly in the paint. Your car will be neatly delivered to you and you can immediately get back on the road.

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