Secure the Folding Trailer

Secure the Folding Trailer

Do you have to ensure a trailer tent and how do you do that?

The trailer tent is a popular holiday tool. Thousands of Dutch people park their trailer tent annually at a campsite to celebrate holidays. It may be wise to take out a folding car for your trailer tent, but insurance for your tent trailer is not mandatory. This is in contrast to car insurance, which is mandatory.

Just like a caravan insurance, insurance for your trailer tent is not mandatory. However, many trailer car owners still opt for a special trailer car insurance policy. A trailer car insurance can be taken out with many insurance companies and rarely has any differences with caravan insurance.

Secure the Folding Trailer

Trailer car insurance and car insurance

When the trailer tent is coupled to the car, the trailer is automatically insured with the WA car insurance. This means that damage to third parties is covered. When the tent trailer itself gets damaged, there is no reimbursement. This is because a third-party liability insurance only covers damage to third parties.

How to ensure your trailer?

A trailer can ensure its trailer in two ways. Most insurance companies offer standard hull insurance. In this case, the trailer tent is insured against the current value. When the tent trailer is declared a total loss, you receive the estimated value at the time of the damage. This amount is therefore always lower than the new value of a tent trailer.

Do you want to ensure a (fairly) new tent trailer? Then an all-risk trailer insurance can be an option. An insurance trailer with all risk coverage is more expensive than a standard trailer car insurance. If you opt for this insurance, the trailer tent is insured against new value. If for example an accident trailer is declared a total loss, the insurer pays out an amount with which you can buy an equivalent new trailer.

Insurance trailer, what is covered?

When you take out a trailer insurance, the trailer is insured by default for damage caused by, for example, theft, fire, and storm. With most insurance companies, the trailer tent is insured all year round, including during storage. However, a trailer tent may not be abroad for more than six consecutive months at a number of insurers. In case of a trailer, damage by hail can be insured as standard, in case of a caravan insurance sometimes additional insurance has to be taken out.

Compare trailer car insurance

Do not just close the first folding trailer insurance you come across, but first, compare the different trailer car insurances. Folding car insurance policies are not the same everywhere. For example, one insurance company works with a deductible, while this does not apply to the other. In addition, the number of days in which you can stay together with your trailer car may differ per insurance company. There are also differences regarding the new-value reimbursement.

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