Road Tax Hybrid

Road Tax Hybrid

How much tax do you pay for your hybrid car?

A hybrid car has lower CO2 emissions than many other cars and therefore damages the environment much less. Previously, the government stimulated driving in these cars by giving a discount on the road tax and sometimes you did not even pay any road tax for your hybrid car. However, this discount is being abolished.

Road Tax Hybrid

Hybrid road tax until 2014

Until 2014 you benefited from an exemption from the road tax if the CO2 emissions of your car were up to 111 grams per kilometer. For cars with a diesel engine, an exemption was granted with a maximum emission of 96 grams of CO2 per kilometer.

Road tax hybrid car after 2014

In 2014, only cars with a maximum CO2 emission of 50 grams per kilometer are exempt from the road tax. Only electric or semi-electric cars meet these conditions.

In 2015, however, this exemption from the road tax for hybrid cars also expires. From that moment on, a hybrid car or another energy-efficient car no longer benefits from road tax. You then pay road tax under the same conditions as other cars on Dutch roads. In the article ‘ road tax costs ‘ you can read how exactly this road tax works.

Calculate road tax hybrid car

Do you want to know and calculate how much road tax you pay for a hybrid car? On the website of the tax authorities, you can easily calculate how much motor vehicle tax you pay.

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