Road Tax Camper

Road Tax Camper

If you have a camper, you pay a road tax. How much tax you pay depends on the type of camper you have and how old this camper is. In this article, you can read all about what a camper costs on road tax and how you can calculate this.

 Road Tax Camper

Quarterly motorhome road tax

With a camper, you usually drive only a few months per year. The tax authorities take this into account. That is why you pay a so-called quarterly rate for the road tax for a camper. This means that you only pay a quarter of the amount that a car with the same fuel costs road tax.

In order to qualify for the quarterly rate, your motorhome must comply with the design requirements of the tax authorities. For example, the tax authorities consider your vehicle as a camper only if there are at least two seats, a table, a place to sleep and a cooking unit. On this page of the tax authorities, you will find all the design requirements.

Calculate motorhome tax

Do you want to know exactly how much road tax you pay for your motorhome? Then use this calculation tool from the tax authorities.

Tax camper – Children’s tax

If you rent your motorhome and ask for money, you have to pay more road tax. This is also called holding tax. You pay a half rate for a camper you rent. So this is half of what you pay for a car with the same weight and the same fuel. Here too, the motorhome must comply with the design requirements of the tax authorities.

When is a camper tax-free?

The Tax Authorities consider motorhomes older than 40 years oldtimers. You do not have to pay road tax for these campers.

Holders of motorhomes between 26 and 40 years old can opt for a transitional arrangement. This means that you pay a quarterly rate for the motorhome if it runs on petrol and you do not drive from December to February. Because most campers are already eligible for a quarterly rate (also diesel motorhomes), this is not interesting for most motorhome drivers.

Road tax camper barking

If you do not drive in your camper for a while, you can suspend the registration number at the RDW. You will then no longer pay road tax for the camper. You can also cancel the insurance during the suspension period and you do not need to have an APK inspection carried out. If the camper is suspended, however, it may not be on the public road.

You can suspend the registration number of the camper at an RDW service counter or at a PostNL office. You can also arrange the suspension online on the website of the RDW. Everything about how the suspension works and what it costs, you can read on the website of the RDW.

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