Maintenance and Repair

Maintenance and Repair


Our enthusiastic team of car mechanics performs all common car maintenance and repair work activities in our own workshop. This means quality, guarantee and price control.

Our highly trained car technicians ensure that your car is 100% in order again. In the event of a flat tire, empty battery or broken lighting, you can contact us without any appointment for immediate repair to these or other fast-fit parts of your car. You will be helped while you wait. We also have the various equipment to read your car: this is necessary to get a clear diagnosis of the condition of your car.

Maintenance and Repair


  • Always competitive pricing for maintenance and repair. Up to 25% cheaper!
  • Always transparent: quotation in advance or interim and no surprises
  • Maintenance according to factory specifications
  • Quality and reliability: we recognize BOVAG
  • Price-conscious!


logo_BOVAG_liggend_fcWe are affiliated with the BOVAG. Buying or having a car repaired at a BOVAG car company means you can count on quality and reliability. You also get the assurance of BOVAG Guarantee. What exactly keeps the guarantee and what are the exact conditions can be found on the website of the BOVAG.


Maintenance is of great importance for the life of your car. Therefore, check the parts that can wear out faster. Windshield wipers, tires, brakes, lighting. You can easily do that yourself. Would you like help with this? We will gladly explain it to you with a cup of coffee. You take advantage of this.


Timely and good maintenance of your car delivers its investment over and over. But then you want to be sure that the repairs are indeed carried out professionally. Keeping your car well maintained is very important. Not only for your safety and to prevent accidents, but also for cost and fuel savings. Soft car tires or tires with little profile increase fuel consumption. A polluted air or petrol filter costs extra fuel and can cause errors in the car electronics.

Proper maintenance of your car and a good adjustment of the engine ensure less environmental pollution. Therefore, do not postpone the maintenance intervals prescribed by the manufacturer after a fixed number of kilometers or time and take care of the repair. This is in the interests of the environment, it benefits the life of the car, it prevents an increase in fuel consumption and it reduces the chance of expensive car repairs.


Every year your car is ready for a big turn. Here your car is thoroughly checked on things like the engine, the suspension, and the control system. Everything is checked, checked and possibly adjusted again.

If you make a lot of mileage with your car, it is not unwise to subject your car to a small turn between the big turns. Regular maintenance prevents excessive wear and ensures that the performance of your car remains optimal.

If we detect larger defects, we will only proceed to repair after (telephone) consultation with you. This way you will not be faced with surprises. In case of car repairs we can decide in consultation to install new or used car parts; This depends of course on the exact car part, the expected lifespan, the type and age of the car, etc.

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