How to Change Your Wheel in Nine Steps

How to Change Your Wheel in Nine Steps

In Recambios Móstoles, car spare parts company in Madrid, we tell you how to change the wheels of the car in a few steps if you have the necessary equipment.
The puncture of a wheel is an unexpected event. The asphalt itself or any sharp object can cause some of your wheels to break and you have to change it. Changing a wheel on a car is a process that sooner or later is usually necessary to know how to do. For this reason, in Recambios Mostoles, a car spare parts company in Madrid, we want to give you some advice so that changing a wheel does not ruin your day or, what is worse, a trip.

The spare wheel, the jack, the key, and the security screws are essential to continue your journey safely.

Change Your Wheel in Nine Step

Before placing yourself, crouching or sitting, next to the flat tire, you must take into account some aspects. First, stop in a safe place and, to be able to be flat, to facilitate the task. Then, and once the reflective vest is placed, place the hazard warning triangles to warn the other drivers of the incident. Some may take pity on you and stop to help you.

Nine steps to change the wheel of the car:

  • Take the tools. You need the jack, the crosshead, and the security screws.
  • Loosen the nuts. And remove, if it is, the hubcap.
  • Place the cat. The car’s user manual will tell you where it is and where to place it.
  • Lift the car. Slowly.
  • Remove the screws and the wheel. Have them insight not to lose them.
  • Fit the spare wheel and install the screws. Squeezing them with your hand as much as possible.
  • Lower the car. Tighten the screws and remove the jack when the spare wheel touches the ground.
  • Tighten the screws. With the car already on the ground.
  • Start and drive carefully. Go to the workshop as soon as you can, as driving with the spare wheel should be temporary and not exceed 80 kilometers per hour.

In Recambios Mostoles, a car spare parts company in Madrid,, we want to make driving a pleasant and safe experience. Although, sometimes, unexpected things happen and you have to be prepared to face them and not prevent reaching the destination and continue with what was planned.

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