Does Your Car Have an Environmental Label?

Does Your Car Have an Environmental Label?

In Recambios Móstoles, car spare parts in Madrid , we tell you the latest news about the new protocol against pollution in the capital of Madrid.
If your vehicle does not have the environmental label of the Traffic Department, you have a problem. According to the new protocol against pollution, the oldest cars in the fleet cannot travel in Madrid on days of high pollution.

Does Your Car Have an Environmental Label

This protocol is the most restrictive that has been to date and occupies the greatest range of action that its predecessor. The City Council of Madrid has announced this week and will be valid after the summer. Then, in Recambios Móstoles, car spare parts in Madrid, we tell you about the news and how this new text affects our circulation.

News of the new protocol against pollution

The text has among its novelties the inclusion of motorcycles, a reduction in the maximum levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO2), a new scenario and the elimination of restrictions according to enrollment.

The idea is that the limitations to the circulation in days of high contamination are more effective, especially in the peripheral districts, since the previous protocol hardly affected the decrease of emissions in the capital.

With this new protocol, more drastic changes are introduced:

The maximums of NO2 allowed as in the levels of restrictions, which go from four to five scenarios. Thus, if until now it was enough for two stations in the same area to exceed 180 micrograms NO2 for two consecutive hours, now it is sufficient that three stations of any zone exceed 180 (warning level) or 200 (warning) micrograms of NO2 for three hours. In addition, scenario 3 will be triggered when three days of notice are chained. With this modification, it is foreseen that the days of prohibitions to the traffic increase remarkably.

Restrictions in the different stadiums

Scenario 1: limit the speed to 70 kilometers per hour on the M-30 and the accesses to the city.
Scenario 2: the speed limit of the previous one is maintained, but it is forbidden to park in the area of the Regulated Parking Service (SER) all cars except those classified as ZERO and ECO. You can not drive inside the M-30 or cars or motorcycles without the distinctive DGT.
Scenario 3: the restriction is eliminated according to its registration and the filter of the environmental labels is applied. It is prohibited to circulate without the environmental label throughout the city.
Scenario 4: includes the prohibition to circulate vehicles with the B label of the DGT in the central almond, which are those petrol engine prior to 2006 and diesel before 2014.
Scenario 5: it marks the alert measures marked by the European Union and supposes the prohibition to circulate to the vehicles without the label and those that carry the B and C badge.

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