Caravans Insurance Mandatory

Caravans Insurance Mandatory

Is caravan insurance compulsory?

The Netherlands is a real caravan country. Hundreds of thousands of Dutch people go there every year with their mobile home. Our country even has the highest caravan density in Europe. Most caravan owners have a special caravan insurance policy, but this is not always the case. Unlike car insurance, caravan insurance is not mandatory.

Caravans Insurance Mandatory

Caravan insurance mandatory or not?

An insurance policy for the caravan is not always concluded. That is not necessary, because caravan insurance is not compulsory insurance. Yet it is wise to ensure the caravan. Then you are insured for any damage to the caravan itself. Certainly, if you have a caravan in a slightly higher price range, caravan insurance is recommended.

Caravan insured behind car?

As long as you are on the road with the caravan, there is really nothing to worry about if you do not have separate caravan insurance. If the caravan is linked to the car, it falls under the mandatory third-party liability insurance of the car. But once you are at the campsite and the caravan is disconnected, it will be different. The caravan then falls under liability insurance for private individuals (AVP). If the caravan is not well fixed and the awning of the back neighbor is running over, the damage to the tent of the backdoor neighbor is covered in many cases.

Why caravan insurance is mandatory?

If most of the damage is covered by other insurance policies, why should you take out insurance for your caravan? Both the liability insurance and the AVP are liability insurances. Damage caused by the caravan to third parties is covered, but damage to the caravan is not. Since most caravans have a nice price tag, it may be wise to also ensure the caravan with a caravan insurance

Guarantee caravan or not, what is covered?

A normal caravan insurance covers damage caused by fire, explosion, theft, burglary, and storm. In addition to the caravan itself, the awning and any construction are often also insured. In many cases, depending on the policy, damage to the inventory is also covered. There is also often a legal expenses insurance policy. Matters such as salvaging, providing assistance or cleaning up the caravan can also be insured, but this can also vary per insurer. It is therefore very sensible to compare the different caravan insurance policies before you take out insurance.

All risk caravan

The cheapest caravan insurance is not always the best caravan insurance. Car insurance policies are very similar, but there are a number of things that you should pay special attention to. In addition to regular caravan insurance, all-risk insurance is also offered. Damage caused by slippage or collision is covered with an all-risk insurance, for example.

Compare car insurance

A caravan insurance policy is quite extensive, but the coverage is not the same everywhere. Usually, the insurance applies for a consecutive use abroad of six months. But this is not the case with all insurers. Compare caravan insurance on premiums and conditions, so you do not get unpleasant surprises during your holiday. A cheap caravan insurance does not have to be the best insurance for your caravan.

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