Car Hire on Mallorca

Car Hire on Mallorca

Your own car on Mallorca is the perfect way to explore and discover the island. So what is easier to rent a car? Fortunately, the car rental companies are good at it because the range of rental cars is enormous. In the high season, there are more than 25,000 rental cars in all sorts of classes on the island.

Car Hire on Mallorca

When renting a car, pay attention to the fine print, rent at the major car rental companies such as Sixt, Hertz or Avis, then you can book the car in the Netherlands in advance and you are almost certain that it is all right. Cheaper renting is also possible, then you have to look at the local landlords, but note that it often happens that cars have strange exception rules on the insurance. Checking everything here is the advice.

You can also arrange your rental car on Mallorca via Sunnycars, this is a car hire comparison where quality and service is written with capital letters. No common rules here and at Sunnycars you can reduce the deductible to a minimum. Another advantage of Sunnycars is that they simply speak Dutch. So in case of problems you can just call the Dutch customer service. More information about Sunnycars.

Cost of a rental car on Mallorca

In high season (which runs from mid-May to the end of September) you get a small rental car (Twingo, Polo, Corsa) for an amount between € 18, – and € 25, – per day with a rental period of at least 3 days. Outside the high season, you can get the car for less than € 15, – per day. These prices do not include the surrender of the excess and any additional insurance such as tires, the bottom of the car and occupants.

It is customary that a small deposit is paid when renting a car, this is the fastest and easiest with a Credit Card. If you do not have a Credit Card, you can often buy off the excess and debit any remaining with your regular bank card. You get the deposit back when returning the car.

Pay close attention to the tricks of car rental companies our experiences with car rental companies are very variable, it is, therefore, difficult to point out a good one, which at one time was experienced as very good was a few months later absolutely not worth mentioning. We are now aware of the most extracted tricks from the landlords.

Fuel 1: nowadays you do not get a car which is fully refueled, which means that you do not have to return a fully refueled car at the end of your rental period. Note that this is well filled in on the rental agreement. Also, count for yourself whether it pays, a full tank of gas is not expensive in Spain. (fuel price is about 30% cheaper compared to the Netherlands) For the full tank option, the rental companies charge between € 60 and € 90)

Fuel 2: Never order a car with a full tank, the costs are very high compared to the petrol stations on the island.

Damage 1: view the car with full insurance against damage to visible dents and scratches. Also, check if the spare wheel is still in order.

Damage 2: damage to the windshield and windows is often excluded from the insurance, so check that you leave or there are no stars, cracks or pits in your windshield.

If you hear strange noises when driving away or notice that something is not working as it should function, complain right, replacing a car at a holiday address will cost you half a day.

A clean car also means a clean car back, the costs for cleaning are often disproportionate. So if your car got dirty during your holiday, drive past a wax box. For a few euros the rental car is again spick and span, car rental companies easily charge € 50, – for a round of car wash. Which of your credit card deposit is debited. Claiming afterward as soon as you are in the Netherlands makes things a lot more difficult.

Book in advance in the Netherlands? Make sure that you have the lease on paper with you, and mark the booked extras. Do not be persuaded by booking additional insurance policies without studying the contents of the cover.

Pay attention! the landlords make grateful use of the long queues at the collection desks to let you quickly book something extra. Most landlords have a website and all insurance policies are listed on it. The prices are now very competitive compared to the online providers.

Deposit: if you do not take extra insurance, the landlord often takes an extra deposit on your credit card. This amount depends on the deductible.

Commission: If you book via a website or a so-called car broker, the landlord will pay a percentage of the rent to the intermediary. These commissions can increase considerably and put the familiar “knife on the throat” at the landlords because the one who gets paid the most gets the most customers. This committee must come from the length or width. Many landlords give customers who come via a broker an older car or do inconvenient in case of damage.

We have very good experiences with Sunnycars at the moment. This new car rental company on Mallorca has yet to prove itself and delivers new cars with excellent coverage. The prices are more than competitive than the other providers without strange exceptions or expensive extras. Moreover, you can easily reach Dutch customer service in case of problems.

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