Can I Bring My Pet Into the Rental Car?

Can I Bring My Pet Into the Rental Car?

If you go on vacation or make a long trip, it is possible to take your pets with you in your rental car so that they do not stay behind. As long as you keep the rental car clean and clean all the mess of the pet, Sixt welcomes you and your pets. Whether you bring your dogs on a fun trip, bring your cat to the vet, Sixt car rental is pet-friendly and ensures that all your four-legged friends travel safely.

Can I Bring My Pet Into the Rental Car

Choose the ideal rental car for you and your pet

Every long-distance journey with your furry friends is made comfortable and relaxing in one of our high-quality rental cars and you can choose from a selection of versatile categories such as compact cars, station wagons, minibusses and convertibles. Thanks to our flexible rental period, you can choose the ideal vehicle for the ideal period. With Sixt, you can easily take your dog with you on a fun day out or on a month’s holiday abroad. With rental stations throughout the Netherlands and the rest of the world, Sixt will be there for you both.

Tips for traveling with your pet

Make sure your pet is safe in the car. This can be done, for example, in a kennel, cage, belt or in the trunk behind a net.

Make sure you have all the papers from your dog with you when you leave the country. Some countries have different rules than the Netherlands. Check this well before departure.

Always stop after a few hours of driving to stretch and walk a bit. This is sensible for you and your pet.

Keep water and food at hand so that your pet drinks and eats enough.
Do not leave your pet alone in the car. In the car it can quickly get very hot, so your pet can get a heat stroke. Cold temperatures can also be very dangerous.
Make sure you deliver the car clean again. This without dirt or hair. If this is not done properly cleaning costs can be deducted.

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