Best Motor Home Insurance

Best Motor Home Insurance

Which motorhome insurance is the best?

Do you have a camper and do you go on holiday every now and then? Then, of course, you want to be sure that your camper is well insured when you travel. There are special insurance policies for motorhomes on the market. These are usually offered under the name motor insurance or camping car insurance. This article will help you to decide which RV insurance is suitable for your motorhome.

Best Motor Home Insurance

Motor insurance mandatory?

A motorhome is a motor vehicle and therefore falls under the Motor Insurance Liability Act (WAM). This means that a camper, just like a passenger car, must be insured for civil liability with third-party liability insurance. This insurance covers damage if you cause damage to others with your camper. You are not covered with this insurance for damage to your own camper.

Best motorhome insurance – WA coverage

In the case of a motor insurance, just as with car insurance, two cover alternatives can be distinguished in addition to the liability insurance. These are the WA-limited hull insurance and the third-party liability insurance + full hull. The third-party liability insurance only compensates for damage that you inflict on another person with your motorhome. The third-party liability insurance with limited hull also provides cover for damage to your own motorhome. You can think of the damage that occurs as a result of fire, theft, broken windows, storms, natural disasters, and collisions with animals.

Best Motorhome insurance – All risk coverage

Do you want an even more comprehensive insurance for your motorhome? Then you can opt for the third-party liability insurance. This motorhome insurance offers besides cover against the causes described in the limited casco insurance some extras. This way your camper with this insurance is also insured for collision damage, even if it is caused by your own fault. The inventory of the camper is usually also insured with the full casco motor insurance.

Which motorhome insurance is the best?

In general, with a motor insurance policy, the more extensive the coverage, the more expensive the insurance policy is. The cheapest motor insurance policies are therefore usually the third-party insurances. But this generally also offers the most limited coverage. To determine which cover variant you need for your camper, you can, for example, look at the value of the motorhome. If you already have a somewhat older camper van, then liability insurance is usually sufficient. But if you have bought a brand new camper with lots of luxury extras then you may want the most comprehensive package of the WA Insurance + complete hull.

Comparison site camper insurance

If you want to take out insurance for your camper, it is best to first compare the motor insurance policies of different providers. Which motorhome insurance is most suitable for your motorhome will largely depend on the value and age of the motorhome. If you would like to take out a motor insurance policy for your motorhome, please contact the service team (number 040-751 3968). They can compare motor insurance policies for you and help you find suitable and affordable motorhome insurance.

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